AuditMap: A Risk Insights Platform

Manage the threats to your organization with artificial intelligence. With AuditMap, you can now automatically find key insights and indicators of risk.

How Does AuditMap Work For You?

The AuditMap Risks Engine analyzes all uploaded documents for indicators of risk that will help you plan and conduct your audits. Explore the risks identified using artificial intelligence in an innovative way, and form plans using aggregated information from your documents.


On-Premise Installation

State-of-the-art Security

Powerful Search

Proprietary AI Systems

Instant Document Assessment

Expose Insights

Upload & Analyze

Your team uploads your audit reports and other documents to the platform. The AI engines then analyze every sentence to flag key sentences.

Identify & Categorize

The system pinpoints risks, controls, and recommendations within your reports for you to review. Evaluate your risks and controls against industry best practices.

Engage & Export

Condense and share the most urgent findings identified to inform stakeholders. Discover the red flags that require corrective and preventive actions. Review the performance of programs and activities over time.

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AuditMap Use Cases

Internal Audit:

Review all of your internal reports to identify unmitigated risks and risk trends relevant to your organization. Sort by year, type, and topics.

Risk Management:

Review public filings of industry- and sector-specific public companies for the latest awareness of emerging risks.

Internal Controls:

Identify all reported controls from your standard operating procedures to ensure effectiveness and coverage of your operations.

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"We have been working with the team for the past several months and are pleased with their SIX specified pilot for using AI for auditing purposes and are looking forward to working with the team to extend our relationship."
Fabian Stoll

Director of Internal IT Audit at SIX

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